Why Here?

WhyHere? provides a focus on Nova Scotia’s South Shore as a destination for business, tourism and everyday life.

This website has been created to help you more easily access information about Nova Scotia's South Shore. The region is made up of nine municipal units, all with websites, and all providing information on everything from housing to business opportunities to festivals and events to recreation, health care and other local resources. We've combined (and in some cases found other sources) and collected that information here to give you a broader picture so that you can learn about Doing Business, Living and Visiting the South Shore.

Through the WhyHere Video section, you'll hear real stories from real people speaking in their own words about why they have chosen to move to the South Shore. You also hear from those of us who grew up here and stayed. We all want you to come share it with us.

And be sure to check out the Asset Map to get a better ideas of services and businesses across the region.