Water Quality and Supply

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The Municipal Climate Change Action Plans (MCCAPs) for Eastern Shelburne County identified the potential for long-term drinking water quality and supply issues as a result of the impacts of climate change.  The potential risks to private wells include changing precipitation patterns leading to water deficits in summer months and saltwater intrusion.  There are also potential quality and supply risks to the municipal and provincial water supplies, which need to be better understood in order to mitigate.

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Salt Water Intrusion

The Municipality is working in partnership with the NS Department of Natural Resources to gather data on drinking water quality. The impacts of climate change may make the risk of salt water intrusion higher in certain areas, especially in low lying areas close to the coast. We invite residents to bring in water samples from their wells for testing. For more information, please contact Erin Hartley, Strategic Projects Coordinator at 902-875-3544 ext. 226 or at .