Skilled and Experienced Work Force

Over 1,300 of Shelburne County’s 7,100 total workers are directly employed in marine industries, and more than 500 people are employed in seafood products manufacturing. As a result, we have an employment percentage in marine industries that is much higher than the national average for that sector. In support of this robust industry, Shelburne also features a major shipbuilding and repair facility.

The labour pool, along with provincial training support programs, provides a company with an opportunity to access skilled and eager workers. Because people commute relatively long distances for work within the region, businesses looking to establish a presence here have a larger pool of available employees to choose from.

In addition to hiring local residents, employers can attract workers into the region if need be, thanks to the high quality of life and competitive cost of living. Many young workers have already arrived from other parts of Nova Scotia, across Canada, and the rest of the world. Nova Scotia, and the Shelburne area in particular, boasts a universal attractiveness to potential employees.

Workers in the the region are known for their strong work ethic, talent, commitment, and loyalty. In this respect, they mirror the entire Nova Scotia workforce. A stable workforce can significantly reduce recruitment and training costs. One of Nova Scotia’s greatest competitive advantages is the quality and depth of its education and training infrastructure. This high-quality training infrastructure gives companies in the Municipality of Shelburne a readily accessible pool of skilled labour. It also gives companies a competitive edge by providing specialized training services to their employees.

With a talented, skilled and diligent labour pool, business-friendly public institutional facilities, competitive business tax rates, good transportation links and a high quality of life, there’s no better place than the Municipality of the District of Shelburne to start and develop your business.

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