Sewage Treatment Plant

The Municipality's Sewage Treatment is a lagoon type operation.

The wastewater from the collection system is pumped from 354 Sandy Point Road to 507 Sandy Point Road. The household wastewater as well as wastewater from our septage haulers passes through a grinder before it enters the holding lagoon. In the lagoon the wastewater is aerated and travels in a circular motion. The retention time in the lagoon from the time the wastewater enters the lagoon until it leaves the lagoon for treatment is approximately 30 days.

When the wastewater exits the lagoon it enters the treatment plant and passes through 12 banks of ultraviolet light where the treatment process is finalized before it travels by gravity back into the Shelburne Harbor. Monitoring of the product returning to the harbor is continuous.

The Municipality's Sewage Treatment Plant received the 2014 UNSM Climate Change Leader’s Award.

Sewage Treatment Plant