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Sable River Volunteer Fire Department Community Consultation Report

The Municipality of the District of Shelburne engaged the services of facilitator and consultant Max Chauvin of Chauvin Resource Development to conduct a community consultation and public meeting to gain a clear understanding of the specific concerns of residents pertaining to the Sable River Volunteer Fire Department’s services, Board decisions and management. A paper/online survey was also available to the public to provide input to Council.

This report represents a summary of the feedback received through the community consultation and the survey.

The facilitator has also included in the report 14 recommendations for Council’s consideration. Council will review the report and recommendations in full and will work with staff to develop a course of action.

This report represents the community’s input as a whole and has formed the basis of the facilitator’s recommendations. Council would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the meeting and those who filled out the survey.

Please click here to access the Sable River Volunteer Fire Department Community Consultation Report.