Area Rate for Municipal Properties in the Town of Lockeport
Fire Department Service Area

On March 17, 2020, two staff members and two members of the public met to count the ballots received from eligible municipal property owners serviced by the Town of Lockeport Fire Department.

This vote was for the proposed purchase of a 2020 Fire Truck (Pumper) and resulting area rate charge of $0.036 (3.6 cents) /$100 of assessment, for a ten-year term.

There were a total of 954 ballots sent out.

There were a total of 207 completed ballots returned.

This represents 56% FOR and 44% AGAINST the proposed area rate.

Council will take this information in consideration and make a final decision on the proposed purchase at their next Council meeting.

The Municipality would like to thank members of the community and members of the Lockeport Volunteer Fire Department for sharing their comments, questions and opinions on this matter.