Proposed Sandy Point Wind Farm

With the proposed Sandy Point Wind Energy Project by the companies Community Wind and ABO Wind, our residents and the public are seeking information and answers. The Municipality of the District of Shelburne has compiled the below links to help provide that information, to help address questions. The first section references documents that pertain to Council and the Municipality; the second useful information for residents, public, agencies and organizations and another section of where residents and the public can go to seek answers to their questions. Updates to this page will be made when there are additional resources and new information to be added.

Council Information:

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (2010):

In 2010, the Municipality of the District of Shelburne adopted an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) after conducting comprehensive public engagement with its residents, resulting in a vision and goals for the Municipality for the next 20 years, including the following guiding principle pertaining to renewable energy:

“Our residents recognize the potential renewable energy has to enhance our local economy, and to benefit from this opportunity we need to make sure we identify and encourage development of renewable energy projects and create a facilitative policy environment for these projects.”

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP)

ICSP Action Plan 

Council Announcements:

In response to a presentation to Council on September 22, 2021  by a community group, the Council felt that a status update regarding the Proposed Sandy Point Windfarm was necessary to emphasize the Council's long standing position on windfarm development, the anticipated future timeline of key events and the best way our citizens can direct questions going forward.

Council Update - 2021-09-24

Council Reference Documents:

Letter of Support - 2021-07-07

Staff Report - 2015-09-28

Council Meeting Minutes - 2015-09-28

Council Meeting Minutes - 2015-10-26

Nova Scotia Power (1st Stage in approval process):

The premier of Nova Scotia has announced an aggressive, new renewable electricity standard, requiring 80 per cent of Nova Scotia’s electricity to come from renewable resources by 2030. As such the Province has launched the Rate Base Procurement proces which aims to attract low-cost and innovative solutions to procure 350 MW of electricity for the province of Nova Scotia. This call for proposals will help the province get closer to the 80 per cent target and support the province’s goal of achieving a 53 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and net-zero by 2050. The Procurement Administrator will conduct a requests for proposal (RFP) process to identify the most competitive low-impact renewable energy projects. These projects will be awarded Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI) to supply renewable electricity generation for their customers. It is anticipated that Community Wind and ABO Wind will submit their proposal some time in November or December 2021.

Nova Scotia Rate Based Procurement

Nova Scotia Power Renewable Energy Targets

Environmental Assessment (2nd Stage in approval process):

Assuming Community Wind and ABO Wind are successful in being awarded a Power Purchase Agreement by Nova Scotia Power (the first key timeline event - anticipated in the Spring of 2022), Community Wind and ABO Wind would then have to complete an Environment Assessment (EA) that is anticipated to take another year to complete (The second key timeline event - anticipated in the Spring or summer of 2023). The EA process is the forum within which community members can ask questions and provide feedback for consideration by the Minster of Environment. As a matter of background, In 1989, environmental assessment was developed as an environmental management tool to allow for the consideration of public concerns relating to broad environmental issues when evaluating proposed developments. Environmental assessment ensures that environmental, human health, socio-economic, cultural, historical, architectural and archaeological concerns from all stakeholders and the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia are identified and addressed at the earliest stage of development planning. Through consideration of these broad environmental issues and public and Mi’kmaq concerns, the Minister of Environment decides whether or not the development can proceed in an environmentally sustainable manner. Should the Minister approve the Proposed Sandy Point Windfarm EA then Community Wind and ABO Wind would then submit a planning application to the Municipality as per our ByLaw L101 (the third and final key timeline event).

A Citizen's Guide to Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

ByLaw L101 (3rd Stage in approval process):

Assuming Community Wind and ABO Wind have their environmental assessment approved by the Minister of Environment, they would then have to submit a planning application to the Municipality as per our Bylaw L101. In accordance with the guiding principle of the ICSP, on October 26th, 2015, Council implemented one of the recommended actions which was to update and approve its Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw (L101). This action was to provide the municipal framework by which renewable energy developers would have to adhere. The Bylaw provides planning guidelines for various sizes of developments, including utility projects greater than 2 megawatts. It was these primary factors in which Council made the decision to provide a letter of support for the proposed windfarm project in Sandy Point. It is worth noting that Council passed the ByLaw based in part on the Staff Report dated September 28, 2015 that states specifically that "The purpose of the policy on wind turbine development is to generally encourage the development of wind turbines at all scales, with protections in place to minimize negative impacts on citizens and landowners." Following the first reading of the Bylaw on September 28, 2015 and a Public meeting on October 26, 2015, the Council concluded the second and final reading and unanimously passed the Bylaw.

ByLaw L101

Useful Information:

Wind Turbine Effects

What does a wind turbine sound like? - Sound survey at Studland Windfarm, Tasmania

Where to direct your questions:

Community Wind and ABO Wind

There are two forums to which citizen's can direct their questions and concerns in regard to the Proposed Sandy Point Windfarm project. The first is to direct your questions directly to Community Wind and ABO Wind who have created a new website that provides relavent information on the project and a method for submitting questions to the company. Please note that the Municipality have requested that Community Wind and ABO Wind post the questions they have received and the answers they subsequently provide to our citizen's on their website (This includes questions and answers from the public meeting held on September 16th, 2021 at Sandy Point Community Hall). A representative from Community Wind and ABO Wind has assured the Municipality that they will comly with this request.

Community Wind and ABO Wind Website

Department of Energy & Mines 

In response to a request by citizen's for the Municipality to provide an independent third party expert to direct questions, the Municipality has arranged to provide a second forum for citizen's questions. In this regard the Municipality has received a committment from the Nova Scotia Department of Energy & Mines (Energy Working Group) that they will provide a website landing page with frequently asked questions and answers to windfarm developments and an emal address to which citizens can send their questions. As soon as the Municipality receives the website address and email address we will provide live links below. Please note that the Department of Energy & Mines are aware of the Propossed Sandy Point Windfarm and are expecting your questions.

Department of Energy & Mines - Frequently asked questions (link not yet live)

Department of Energy & Mines - Email address (link not yet live)

Municipality of Shelburne

The Municipality is happy to answer any questions as they pertain to the Municipality's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan and subsequent Bylaw L101. However if you have specific tecnical questions pertaining to the Proposed Sandy Point Windfarm Project we ask that you direct them to either Community Wind and ABO Wind themselves or the Department of Energy & Mines. Any questions directed to the Municipality can be sent to CAO Trudy Payne at