Property Tax Rates and Fees

Tax Rates


Residential - $1.26/100 of assessment
Commercial - $1.82/100 of assessment
Resource - $1.26/100 of assessment
Forest Land under 50,000 acres - $0.25 per acre
Forest Land at or over 50,000 acres - $0.40 per acre

Other Fees

Tax Certificate - $50.00
Deed Transfer Tax - 1.5% of purchase price
Sewer Service - $265.00/unit/year


Payment, in full, must be received by the Municipal Tax Office on or before the due date or interest charges will be applied.  Interest on overdue accounts will be charged 14% per annum.  Interest is applied the first day of each month on the total balance.

Example: Due date is June 30th, interest will be applied July 1st for the full balance that was due June 30th. 

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