Press Release - Town of Shelburne

The Municipality of the District of Shelburne is aware of the financial challenges facing the Town of Shelburne.
The two municipal units have a solid working relationship through shared services and other initiatives. “We currently share services such as waste diversion and building inspection and we recently contributed $143,000 towards Phase one of the Town of Shelburne’s Marine Terminal upgrades, recognizing this facility as a regional asset and understanding its’ importance to the residents and businesses in Shelburne County,” says Warden Penny Smith.

Representatives from the Town and the Municipality have met with staff from Municipal Affairs on a number of occasions to discuss options and how the Province can provide support. “The concerns raised at our Council when discussing consolidation are financial concerns and what this could mean to the taxpayers in the Municipality. The Town has aging infrastructure that needs to be upgraded and maintained. The question that must be addressed is who will pay these costs. Our Council believes that the Province needs to make a financial commitment to address the Town’s infrastructure challenges, such as the Marine Terminal, flooding of Dock Street and aging water and sewer lines, as they have done with other municipal units that merged or dissolved. With financial support from the Province, we could continue discussions,” stated Warden Smith.

While the Municipality understands the importance of working together, they also understand their responsibility in ensuring that some type of regionalization will not have a detrimental financial impact on their residents and taxpayers.
The Municipality values the working relationship with the Town of Shelburne and welcomes continued communication.

To view a copy of the Town of Shelburne Press Release, issued on January 23, 2020, please visit the Town of Shelburne website.