COVID-19 Press Releases

PPE Demand and Manufacture

During this time of Covid-19, many industry and other essential services organizations are having challenges sourcing the personal protective equipment (PPE) that their employees need in order to stay safe. At the same time, many local businesses are raising their hands indicating that they can manufacture PPE, but are having challenges identifying who needs what and at what volumes. PPE includes such things are: masks, face shields, workspace dividers and hand sanitizer.

Ignite Labs has established a web-based tool to capture the information on PPE to help match demand with the various sources of supply for community-produced PPE. If you are a business or organization in need of PPE, or are able to manufacture PPE, please visit the following link and sign up.

In addition to coordinating PPE needs for industry and essential workers, Ignite is also working on several other initiatives, such as using 3D printers to create ears savers for healthcare workers. Search them on Facebook for more info.