Parks & Trails

NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all parks and beaches are CLOSED. This includes Welkum Park and Jordan Youth Park and ALL beaches. There is only one Municipal maintained beach – Welkum Park. The rest, regardless of where they are located, are all provincial beaches (i.e. Roseway beach, Louis Head beach, etc.) and are closed. 

The Municipality maintains several outdoor recreation facilities including two parks, four trails and seven Interpretive Sites. Welkum Park is a day-use park located on Welshtown lake and Jordan Youth Park is located in Jordan Falls just off Highway 103. Trails include the Tom Tigney Trail and Footbridge Trail (both in Sable River), the Jordan River Trail and the Roseway River Trail. There is an Interpretive Site located in each Municipal District and five of the seven Sites are Look Offs. 

NOTE: The Sable River Footbridge is temporariliy closed due to unsafe bridge conditions. It is anticipated that repairs will be carried out fall of 2019 and the bridge wil re-open accordingly. 

For more information check out our Parks & Trails Brochure (below). Copies of the brochure can be picked up at the Recreation Department located on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building, 136 Hammond Street, Shelburne. 

  image Parks & Trails Brochure Section 1 (1.77 MB)

  image Parks & Trails Brochure Section 2  (1.57 MB)


rsz welkum park view from water