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District Three Councillor newsletter greeting to all

On Saturday April 24/2010 we are planning an Earth Day litter/garbage clean up. After the clean up there will be a free barbeque at Sandy Point Community Center at 12:00 noon. The Municipality of Shelburne is providing free garbage bags for this event. Please call me or Val Kean at 875-3544 ext. #226 if you need garbage bags. All debris and garbage can be left at the Jordan Bay Community Hall or Sandy Point Community Center. Lets’ make it a community event and keep our District clean.

Please don’t litter. Please don’t throw coffee cups or other garbage out your car windows.

As of April 1/2010 Wasteco Ltd. is providing solid waste collection services [pick-up of garbage, recyclables and compostable] for the Municipality of Shelburne, Town of Shelburne and Lockeport. If you have any problems with garbage pick-up please call Heidi Wagner at 875-3544 ext. #224 Wasteco Ldt. has hired most of the former municipal employees.

Nova Scotia Power has made substantial progress in cleaning trees and brush alongside the highway in Jordan Ferry. New power po9les are being erected beside the road to eliminate the old power transmission lines in the woods. This should make for less power outages.

The annual Lobster Festival is fast approaching. Creamed or boiled lobster at Jordan Bay Community Hall on June 06/2010 between 2p.m and 5p.m. At Sandy Point Community Center on June 3,4,5 there is lobster, lobster, lobster. There is an action on June 06/2010. Please call Bernice if you would like to volunteer 875-2919. Lets support our community organizations.

The Municipality has helped bring tow new doctors into the Shelburne area. Dr. Charles Wambulwa is working in the ER and Dr.Zia Rahman is seeting up his family practice. We are working towards a modernized, renovated and enlarged medical clinic and hope to make progress this eyar. This will surley help reduce ER closings.

Enjoy the spring! If I can be of assistance please calls.

Best Regards Norman