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Letter to Minister Bernadette Jordan

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October 21, 2020

The Honourable Bernadette Jordan
Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard
Member of Parliament for South Shore – St. Margaret’s
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

Dear Minister Jordan:

It has been over a month since the Municipality sent you a letter regarding the extremely volatile and dangerous situation unfolding in St. Mary’s Bay, NS. At that time, we stated that if the Federal Government did not take immediate action, we were fearful of what the potential outcome may be. Unfortunately, those fears are being realized as the situation surrounding the lobster fishing industry continues to escalate. Council firmly believes that Indigenous and commercial fishers want meaningful, calm, and honest dialogue and to be represented; they do not want the destructive division that is currently taking place.

You have stated that “The conservation underpins everything we do. Lobster stocks are healthy, DFO will continue to monitor stocks and we will never move forward with a plan that threatens the health of those species.” We could not agree more with this statement and reiterate that any plans moving forward must include all those involved to protect this industry, which is the backbone of many Nova Scotian communities. The Federal Government has had over twenty years after the Marshall decision to clearly define the rules and regulations pertaining to Indigenous lobster fishing rights in Nova Scotia. We cannot afford another day to go by without this issue being immediately addressed as the costs are too high - communities are being divided, properties being damaged and people being physically harmed. We respect the rights of both the Indigenous and non-Indigenous fishers to lobster fish, but under very defined rules and regulations to protect the sustainability of the industry, our communities, and the way of life for many Nova Scotian families.

We implore you, as Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, to exercise political courage to bring all parties together and engage in constructive dialogue, in order to reach a just resolution. Action that leads to peace and reconciliation will ensure the sustainability and conservation of the lobster fishing industry now and for generations to come. It is the only way forward.


Penny Smith


  pdf Click here to view full letter  (302 KB)

Request for Quotations - Trail Grading & Bush Clearing

Municipality of the District of Shelburne Recreation & Parks Department is seeking a quotation for the following: 

1. Clearing of overgrown and encroaching vegetation from the sides of the trails for all three Municipal trails: Tom Tigney Trail, Jordan River Trail and Roseway River Trail.
2. Grading of the trail bed for the Tom Tigney Trail.

See RFQ for more details and how to submit a quote. Deadline to submit is 4:30pm Friday, October 30th, 2020

pdf RFQ Trail Grading Bush Clearing (151 KB)

Public Shower Access


Shelburne County residents still experiencing drought conditions now have the option to access shower facilities at the Shelburne County Arena, located at 144 John Street, Town of Shelburne.

Anyone interested in using this service MUST make an appointment by phoning 902-875-3544 ext 227. The facility will be available on the following dates, from 10 am to 1 pm, by appointment only!

Tuesday, November 3
Thursday, November 5
Tuesday, November 10
Thursday, November 12

Residents can begin making appointments for shower access beginning Monday, November 2, at 9 am.

All participating residents must bring their own toiletries and towels.

All public health guidelines, including wearing a non-medical mask, keeping a safe distance from employees and others, and not using the facilities if you’re experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or have travelled outside the Atlantic bubble in the last 14 days, must be strictly adhered to.

Thank you to OurHouse YouthWellness Centre for working with us to provide facilities to those in need over the past two weeks!

Official Election 2020 Results


Press Release

Municipal Elections 2020 Results


The Municipality of the District of Shelburne held municipal elections for seven districts on October 17, 2020. Two races were open, and five candidates were acclaimed.

In District 1, Doris Townsend re-offered and was acclaimed. In District 2, Penny Smith re-offered and was acclaimed.
In District 3, Sherry Thorburn-Irvine was acclaimed as a new Councillor.

In District 4, Peter Seigel ran against incumbent Terry McIntyre. Terry McIntyre was elected with 70 percent of the voters checking his name on the ballot. A total of 196 votes were cast in District 4; 137 for Terry McIntyre and 59 for Peter Seigel.

In District 5, Heidi Wagner was acclaimed as a new Councillor. In District 6, Ron Coole was acclaimed as a new Councillor.
In District 7, Timothy Gillespie and Dale Richardson both ran for the seat as prospective new Councillors. Dale Richardson was elected with 83 percent of the votes in his favor. A total of 257 votes were cast in District 7; 214 for Dale Richardson and 42 for Timothy Gillespie, one spoiled ballot was recorded.

This election was the first fully electronic election held by the Municipality of the District of Shelburne, offering voting by telephone and internet. The Municipality saw a voter participation rate of 36.8 percent in District 4 and 54.4 percent in District 7. All candidates and voters are thanked for their involvement in this year’s election.

The 52nd Council of the Municipality of the District of Shelburne will be officially sworn in at its first Council meeting on Monday, November 9, 2020.

Halloween Safety Tips

Government is reminding Nova Scotians of current public health guidelines and providing specific advice around Halloween as the holiday approaches.

Tips for Halloween celebrations:

  • adhere to the gathering limits and celebrate with family and friends from your consistent group of 10.
  • if attending a community event, 50 people with physical distancing is the maximum both indoors and outdoors.  
  • if attending an event held by a recognized business, 50 per cent of the venue's capacity up to 200 people maximum is permitted indoors, or 250 outdoors. 
  • requirements for wearing masks in indoor public places need to be followed
  • don't replace your non-medical mask with a Halloween costume mask.
  • practice good hand washing, cough/sneeze etiquette and regular cleaning of common surfaces
  • only serve food and drinks if physical distancing and good hand hygiene practices are being followed.

If you are planning on trick-or-treating, here are some important things to consider:

  • do not go trick-or-treating if you are feeling unwell or are self-isolating
  • only trick-or-treat with people you live with, or friends from your close social group, and no more than 10 people
  • if you see other kids getting treats from a house or pass another group on the street, stay six feet away and wait until they leave before proceeding
  • if a house does not have any lights on, Halloween decorations or has a sign saying they are not participating, skip the house and go on to the next house
  • try to trick-or-treat in outdoor spaces.
  • try not to ring doorbells; instead gently knock on the door
  • do not take treats in situations where everyone has to reach into a single container
  • bring hand sanitizer with you and clean your hands often, especially if you are putting on and taking off a mask or face covering and touching high-touch surfaces
  • wash your hands as soon as you get home
  • wash your hands before and after handling and eating your treats. There is no need to clean, disinfect or quarantine treats

Advice for households giving out treats:

  • do not participate in any Halloween activities, including handing out store bought pre-packaged treats if you are feeling unwell or self-isolating
  • if you are not participating in trick-or-treating this year, turn off your lights, take down decorations and put up a sign saying you are not participating
  • if possible, sit on your porch, driveway, front yard or at your front door welcoming trick-or-treaters
  • if you are unable to sit outside then regularly clean and disinfect doorbells, handrails, door handles
  • wash your hands often throughout the evening with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • try to have only one person from your household give out treats
  • do not have many hands reaching into the same container. Use tongs or other utensils to hand out treats or place individual amounts on a table
  • wear a non-medical mask when physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • do not ask trick-or-treaters to sing or shout for their treats

Additional Resources:
Nova Scotians can find accurate, up-to-date information, handwashing posters and fact sheets at .

Employment Opportunity - Casual Lock up Guard

Employment Opportunity:

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Municipality of the District of Shelburne is seeking applications to fill Casual Lock-up Guard positions for the Municipality’s Lock-up Facility in Shelburne.
A job description is available at the municipal office during regular business hours or on our website at Resumes will be accepted until 12:00 noon on October 30, 2020.
We appreciate all expressions of interest for this position; however, only those applicants receiving an interview will be contacted.

Alicia Flowers, Executive Assistant
Municipality of the District of Shelburne
P.O. Box 280, 136 Hammond Street
Shelburne, NS B0T 1W0


Letter to Minister Jordan - September 21, 2020

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September 21, 2020

The Honourable Bernadette Jordan
Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard
Member of Parliament for South Shore-St. Margaret's
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
KlA 0A6

Dear Minister Jordan,

On behalf of the Council of the Municipality of the District of Shelburne, I am writing regarding the extremely volatile and dangerous situation that continues to unfold in St. Mary's Bay, Nova Scotia. Quite frankly, if the Federal Government does not take immediate action, I fear what the potential outcome may be.

The Municipality supports the right of all fishers to be able to fish, but while in season. As you are well aware, the lobster industry has and continues to provide a significant livelihood for many in Southwest Nova Scotia and other parts of the Province. It is the backbone of our economy and has direct and indirect social, financial, and cultural impacts on our community. We are asking the Federal Government to meet with those involved to come to a resolution, one that must be enforced by government that protects everyone's rights, both today and into the future, and will lead to the conservation of the stock, sustainability of the industry and viability of rural Nova Scotia.

Without your intervention, this industry will face certain decimation. We ask that you take immediate steps to protect this vital industry today and for generations to come. Time is of the essence for the safety of our fishers, residents, community, and the lobster industry.

Yours Truly, 

warden signature 1

Penny Smith

cc. via email:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Hon. Stephen McNeil, Premier of Nova Scotia
Hon. Bill Blair-Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Response Hon. Keith Colwell - Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture
MLA Kim Masland -Queens - Shelburne
Warden Eddie Nickerson - Municipality of Barrington
Mayor Leigh Stoddard -Town of Clark's Harbour
Mayor Karen Mattatall -Town of Shelburne
Mayor George Harding -Town of Lockeport
Warden Jimmy McAlpine - Municipality of Digby
Mayor Ben Cleveland -Town of Digby
Warden Ronnie Le Blanc - Municipality of Clare
Deputy Warden John Cunningham - Municipality of Yarmouth
Mayor Pam Mood - Town of Yarmouth
Warden Danny Muise - Municipality of Argyle

Letter to Minister Jordan - September 21, 2020

High-Speed Internet Access for More Homes and Businesses in the Municipality of Shelburne

Shelburne, Nova Scotia, September 1, 2020 - Today, the Province of Nova Scotia and Develop Nova Scotia announced the second round of Internet for Nova Scotia Initiatives, including a project to connect more homes and businesses in the Municipality of Shelburne to Bell Canada’s all-fibre network. This project is made possible through an investment of $46,000 by the Municipality and will provide residents with download speeds of up to 1.5 Gigabits per second (Gbps).

“This is a very exciting day,” stated Warden Penny Smith. “Our Council has been working diligently with Bell Canada to provide this essential service in our Municipality. With today’s announcement, we believe we will be the first rural municipality in the province to provide almost 100% access to eligible homes and businesses, which means anyone that can access power will be able to access the Internet. This is a game changer for us. COVID-19 has clearly demonstrated the need for reliable high-speed Internet now more than ever. We need it to be able to work from home, or to run a business, and it is vital for our education system. Many companies and organizations have realized that with Internet access, many services can still be offered and employees can work from home. Along with our pristine natural environment, safe communities and friendly people, which contribute to our quality of life, we can also boast having the fastest high-speed Internet available. It is a great time to make the Municipality your home or to set up a business.”

To find out the current projects happening with estimated timeframes, visit the Municipal website at and click on the high-speed Internet icon. The Municipality continues to meet with partners to find ways to ensure that the service is provided as expeditiously as possible.

The Internet Projects in the District have been in partnership with Bell Canada and Develop Nova Scotia.
Develop Nova Scotia is the Crown Corporation responsible for developing and implementing a strategy to provide high-speed Internet access to unserved and underserved Nova Scotians. They manage the $193 million placed in an Internet trust fund to connect more communities, homes and businesses across Nova Scotia.

Media Contact:
Trudy Payne
Chief Administrative Officer
Municipality of the District of Shelburne
902-875-3544 ext. 223