Municipal Climate Change Action Plan

Our climate is changing. Scientific understanding of climate change indicates that Canada will experience significant shifts in weather patterns over the span of a single generation, a trend that will most likely continue. Climate changes poses a risk to sensitive coastal ecosystems, coastal infrastructure, low lying properties and areas of rapid coastal erosion. All municipalities in Nova Scotia must complete a Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (MCCAP) as an amendment to the Integrated Community Sustainability Plans adopted in 2010 by the end of 2013. These plans will include strategies and actions for both mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

Climate change mitigation involves a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, impacting the cause of climate change in the long term through measures such as energy conservation and renewable energy. Climate change adaptation involves undertaking activities designed to reduce and minimize the harmful consequences of changing climate. The Province has designed a process to help municipalities plan adaptation strategies, which includes vulnerability assessments of infrastructure and also a general assessment of potential economic, social and environmental impacts.

Potential Impacts of Climate Change on our communities:

  • Sea levels in Nova Scotia are expected to rise approximately 1 m by 2100
  • Storm surge will happen more frequently because hurricanes and winter storms could happen more often, and be more severe
  • High water including storm surge and high tide coinciding could be as much as 7 m higher than current sea level during a storm
  • Increased precipitation in the winter months
  • Shortages of water in the summer due to higher temperatures and less summer rain
  • Increased temperatures leading to less requirement for heating and more requirement for cooling and air conditioning
  • Growing season could increase by up to 50 days each year

View our pdf Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (4.46 MB) .

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