Municipal Boundary Review

The Municipality of the District of Shelburne is currently undertaking a Boundary Review and have hired the services of C + D Community Design to lead them through the process.

Our Municipality last performed polling district boundaries adjustments in 2015. The application for any changes to Council composition, political system (warden or mayor), and polling district boundaries must be filed by the end of 2022 and will come into effect for the next Municipal election.

Our Municipality has 3660 total registered electors. Currently there are seven electoral districts, with an elected official (Councillor) for each District. The Warden is chosen by vote of Council from among elected officials of each District.

During the last election, Districts 1,2, 3, 5 and 6 all saw acclamations in their holdings. This means that the Councillors ran unopposed and took their seats without a vote being held. Acclamations are often viewed as a reason to consider a reduction in Councillors and polling districts in order to create more competition and better representation.

The Sandy Point Community is currently divided amongst three polling districts. This community is the largest in terms of elector population and joining the community to create its own polling district would be recommended but will require extensive changes to the existing boundaries. Community continuity is an important consideration when performing boundary reviews, wherever possible communities should not be divided.

C + D Community Design has prepared an Initial Findings and Background Report for this project, which has been approved by Council and is available to the public for further information. Council is currently considering two scenarios for consultation with the public; Scenario 1: Status Quo with Parity and Scenario 2: A reduction to 5 Councillors. For more details on the proposed boundary changes, please review the Initial Findings and Background Report. Both scenarios join the Sandy Point Community into a single district.

What is a Boundary Review?

A Boundary Review is a part of the Municipal political process that is overseen by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board . The process is mandated by Section 369 of the Municipal Government Act.

The purpose of a Boundary Review is to evaluate the boundaries of the Municipality’s polling districts and the number of Councillors. The reason this process is a regular requirement for Nova Scotia Municipalities is to ensure the best representation for their residents. The Boundary Review considers the number of electors within the Municipality and the number of electors within each District and then considers the relative voting power. It is recommended that the number of electors within a District be within +/- 10% of the overall voter parity. Simplified, the goal is to ensure that the number of electors in each District is close to the same amount to ensure that the number of potential voters for each Councillor, and thus the number of electors they represent is similar.

Boundary Review Update


If you have any questions about the Municipality of the District of Shelburne Boundary Review please contact the Lead Planner, Derek Robertson at or call 902-742-5300. If you would like more information on C + D Community Design, check out our website.

Residents can also submit their comments and questions directly to C + D Community Design staff by using our feedback form and emailing completed form to .