Message from NSHA Executive Directors re: Roseway Laboratory Services


Good afternoon everyone,

We would like to share some information with our municipal partners that hopefully might bring some clarity to the concerns in the community about the status of Laboratory Services at Roseway Hospital.

It is important to understand the lab, and Laboratory Services at Roseway Hospital are not closing.

We have been experiencing some staffing challenges in the lab. While we continue to recruit for staff, we still have a number of vacancies in our program in the south west part of the province and other areas. This has required us to look at some changes to internal processes with how Roseway Hospital lab samples are processed.

Due to these staffing challenges, we needed to make sure urgent lab tests are processed efficiently, while routine outpatient tests continue to be completed in a timely way.

As a result, starting August 1st, routine outpatient testing is being sent to Yarmouth Regional Hospital for processing. This allows remaining Lab staff at Roseway to focus on Emergency and Inpatient testing.

Patients and the public will not see any change in how they access lab services, blood collection, or the turn-around time for lab results.

The transportation of samples to Yarmouth will occur twice daily. We don’t expect this will result in delays for routine samples. Instead, it will help make sure staff, and the services they provide, are sustained and supported at Roseway Hospital.

Again, there will be no negative impact to patient care currently provided and no noticeable change for physicians or patients in terms of testing turnaround and access to services.

We apologize for any confusion over this matter. Nova Scotia Health Authority remains committed to providing our patients, physicians and the community of Shelburne with the appropriate level of safe, sustainable laboratory services.


Wanda Matthews, NSHA Western Zone Operations Executive Director
Dr. Brian Moses, NSHA Western Zone Medical Executive Director