Grants Paid 2011/12


Pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, the following is a list of grants paid to various organizations during the fiscal year 2011/12

Organization Amount
BBMASS/ Pet Projects $1,500
Bursary LRHS $500
Bursary - SRHS $500
Camp Jordan $1000
Juniper House $1000
Kids Corner Pre-School $1000
Roseway River 4-H Club $1000
Shelburne Association Supporting Inclusion Easement Agreement
Shelburne County Early Childhood Development Association $1000
Shelburne County Women's Fishnet $450
Shelburne County Youth Health & Support Assoc. - Our House Easement Agreement
Shelburne Farmer's and Artisan's Market Co-op $1000
Southwest Nova Bioshpere Reserve Association $ -
The Little People's Place $1000
Tri-County Pregnancy Care Centre $500
Tri-County Regional School Board Heritage Fair $100
Tri-County Regional School Board Science & Technology Expo $100
VON Tri-County - Volunteer Services $1500
Basement Theatre $500
Black Loyalist Heritage Society $775
Kids Fair Play Fund $800
Osprey Arts Centre Easement Agreement
River Hills Sports and Recreation Society $1,500
Sable River Community Hall $500
Shelburne County Arts Council $500
Shelburne Curling Club $500
Shelburne Longboat Society $500
Shelburne Youth Bowling $1000
South Western Riders Association $500
West Green Harbour Recreation Association $1,100
Native Council of N.S. Zone 13 Shelb. Co. $800
Ragged Island Historical Society $500
Shelburne County Archives & Geneological Society $1,000
Shelburne Re-enactment Association $1,280
St. Peter's By the Sea Community Society $500
Harmony Bazaar $800
Harvest Fair $500
Lockeport Sea Derby Association $500
Shelburne Area Whirligig Society $500
2011 Shelburne Celebrates Christmas Parade Committee $800
Shelburne County Agricultural Exhibition Association $1,000
Shelburne County Lobster Festival $300
Shelburne Founders' Days Moved
Birchtown Community Centre $1,750
Jordan Bay Community Hall $1,000
Ohio Recreation Centre $1,000
Port Saxon Leisure Hour Club $1,500
Sable River Volunteer Fire Department $1,500
Sandy Point Recreation Group $1,750
Shelburne Area Minor Baseball Association $1,000
Upper Clyde Social Club $1,000
Total $39,305.00