Festival and Event Greening Information

Event and Festival Greening

Our Waste Diversion Coordinator can help event organizers on how to focus on waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.

Setting up a recycling program

We are happy to help you set up a successful sorting and recycling program at your special event.  Whether it’s a small gathering, or a multi-day event that attract thousands of people, whatever the event, they produce garbage! Just call us at 875-5336.

Signage for your event

Divert NS (formerly known as RRFB) has produced signage to help with successful recycling at your event.

Waste Reduction Tips

Place recycling and trash containers together in high traffic areas (e.g., food and vendor stalls, exhibitor booths, restrooms, entrances, exits, public phones, ATMs, etc.) or other areas near where trash is generated. People are unlikely to go out of their way to recycle if a trash can is more conveniently available.

Make sure that recycling containers look different than trash cans, such as different colors or shapes. Also ensure that they’re easy to use and well marked. Label recycling containers with large-print and specific wording, as well as graphics. Clearly indicate which materials must be deposited into which containers. 

If you or your vendors are providing or selling beverages or food, serve reusable (or biodegradable) cups, mugs, and glasses; dishes, plates, and bowls; and cutlery. Or choose containers that can be recycled, such as aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and jugs, and steel cans. 

Remember, styrofoam is not recycled in our area and goes directly into your clear bag garbage.
Ask vendors to hand out cutlery and straws upon request only (or purchase wooden cutlery that can be composted), and to serve condiments (e.g., cream, sugar, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, butter, pepper, salt, etc.) in bulk rather than individual packages. 

Typically, vendors (and exhibitors) produce most of the corrugated cardboard waste at special events. Therefore, cardboard collection points need not be located at public recycling stations, but can also be staged behind the scenes near dumpsters. If sufficient staff is available, circulate around vendor areas to collect cardboard as it is generated to ensure a clean environment for your event.

Information Booths

The Waste Diversion Coordinator would be pleased to provide an information booth at your event. This allows a chance to talk to your attendees about our outreach programs and waste reduction information. Call us at 875-5336 to arrange our presence at your event!