Construction & Demolition Site (RMRF)

Location: 4571 Highway #3, West Green Harbour, Shelburne County, NS

Hours of Operation:

Reduced Hours during COVID-19 Crisis
Tuesday, Thursday & Satureday, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Tipping fee is $60.00 per tonne
*Minimum tip fee of $3.00 on all construction waste

Methods of Payment Available: Cash, cheque and debit are accepted on site.  Customers may make an application to the Municipality for set up of a charge account.

Also as a result of COVID - 19, we will not be accepting any form of payment at this time and in lieu we will send invoices for billing through the mail.
Accounts will still be active and will not be affected as they will be processed as usual.

The following ACCEPTABLE items must be separated into the following streams:

  1. Wood
  2. Shingles
  3. Gypsum board/drywall, Plaster
  4. Vinyl/plastic building materials, carpeting, built up roofing, ceiling tiles, vinyl flooring & linoleum, wiring, lighting fixtures, fibreglass and styrofoam insulation.

 Items that are FREE of charge are:

  • Scrap Metal*
  • Metal Appliances*
  • Wire Lobster Traps*
  • Leaf and Yard Waste
  • Rope

*Metals are also picked up at curbside during Spring and Fall Metal Collections.

Shingles and Wood Piles